Hi. I’m Linda and welcome to my website!

Since my car accident many years ago I have gone through many challenges and changes, and now am evolving as an author.

My book Wheels of Mizfortunate has taken me twenty years to write, with many re-writes inbetween. Each re-write has healed a little bit more of the hurt I suffered at the cost of the accident and others. It has helped to quell the anger and replace it with compassion and love.

‘Wheels’ is my first book and I am hoping to write another on how to live independently after a life-changing car accident.

The accident totally and radically changed my life instantly. In my ‘old’ life I was a Cosmetologist and an award winning hair stylist with my own hairdressing salon and totally embraced all of it. I used to love dancing and going out but that changed considerably after the accident.

Since then, I have worked with other disabled people and have a passion for helping women to re-find themselves after a radical life change.

Please feel free to contact me if you would like to connect…

I hope you enjoy reading my book. Thank you for visiting.


~ smiles and winks ~